Service System

Defacto & Partners in working to serve the legal interests of clients, both individuals and legal entities, namely:

  1. Type of service
    1. Legal consultation, namely: providing legal advice as a preventive step before a client takes legal action regarding the problem they are facing.
    2. Legal Drafting, namely: making legal audits, legal opinions, legal actions, agreements/contracts and other letters to defend the client’s legal interests.
    3. Accompanying means: obtaining authority to accompany a client to appear before and find a solution in resolving a case, whether from the opposing party, police, prosecutor’s office, court and other government or private agencies.
    4. Representative, namely: obtaining power of attorney to represent a client to attend or take part in court hearings with the aim of defending the client’s legal rights and interests in cases that will/are being processed in court.
  2. Service facilities in the form of “regular clients & non-permanent clients”.
    1. Regular client. If you become a permanent client, a cooperation agreement will be drawn up and signed in the field of providing professional legal services, regarding the time period and costs of cooperation in accordance with the agreement between the parties.
    2. Non-permanent clients Case handling will be carried out on a case-by-case basis and costs will be discussed before handling the case.