We offer collaboration to clients in the field of professional legal services, by becoming our partners or permanent clients, which will position us to become “in house lawyers” for the company that you lead. As “in house lawyers”, we will act to represent, accompany and defend the legal rights and interests of clients and position clients as partners who must be protected legally.

That by becoming a partner or regular client Defacto & Partners, then we will try to anticipate legal problems that arise in the future and at the same time resolve existing legal problems (one stop service). As we know, the need for legal aid services is not only when we have faced legal problems, but what is more important is anticipating problems that have the potential to arise in the future, considering that resolving legal problems requires a lot of time, energy and costs.

The procedure to become a partner or permanent client of Defacto & Partners is by entering into a cooperation contract for a minimum period of 1 (one) year and can be extended again at a monthly fee based on the agreement. By becoming a partner or permanent client, the client has the right to receive legal services, namely obtaining facilities such as legal consultations for all legal problems faced by the client, including internal company problems, for free.